Fix Your Socks

If you don’t fix your holey socks then there is something wrong with you. Fixing your socks is the easiest and most basic way to get your crafting level up.

All you need:

Nothing expensive or difficult to come by. Also, fixing your socks is quick, will save you money, and is incredibly easy. If something goes wrong and you make a messy stitch: it doesn’t matter! Nobody will notice, just keep going, do your best.

Finding a hole in a sock very quickly goes from an annoyance (or even a sad feeling if you get attached to socks like me*) to an exciting opportunity to practice your stitching game. Maybe you can look up new techniques online, or just have fun with learning it intuitively: be the Jackson Pollock of the needle.

*: You should feel somewhat attached to your clothes. Your clothes are simply the outermost layers of your skin and deserve respect. You don’t throw away your skin after a cut, you let it heal.

Medium term goals? Getting more confident and competent at fixing more visible holes in clothing.

Long term goals? Making own clothes. Duh. Sweatshops eternally BTFO’d forever.

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