The Importance of Seeming Cool

One of the internet’s lesser-known sins is making uncool people appear cool.

Yeah, we stereotyping. Sometimes these stereotypes won’t hold, but the real point is that what makes ideas cool online does not necessarily transfer into the real world. You may see still see yourself as cool for adopting cool ideas, in the same way you see other onliners as cool. But that doesn’t make you so.

Even after spending plenty of time offline, it is important to double check, ask yourself how your behaviour appears to people, in real life, who can’t directly experience all the awesome-feeling ideas floating around in your mind. Some ideals may still be correct while manifesting in uncool-ways in your behaviour, in which case you should adapt your behaviours to be inspiring rather than ideologically masturbatory. Online circles, with their groupthinking tendencies, tend to lead people to the latter behaviours.

If you want to make an impact, then you need people to want to be like you - in real life. Stop being a loser.

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