Scary Maze

Here is a frightening survival-horror maze game I made many years ago, back in my school days. I rather unimaginatively called it Tom’s Maze. Genuinely intense stuff. I couldn’t find the full version (which I think had some items to collect and weird features like that). Instead I have just patched up an old semi-complete version so that it is at least fun to play.

Maze game screenshot

Download the game (version 1.1)

Extract the zip file and run the .jar file (requires Java).

More screenshots

Maze game screenshot Maze game screenshot Maze game screenshot

Game guide:

Your goal is to find the exit and escape.


Red buttons open new doors when enough of them are pressed. Yellow buttons create a loud beep-sound. The beep frightens the Stalker if he gets too close. But it also lets him know where you are! The Joker will appear sometimes and teleport you away. This is okay. If the Stalker gets you: you’re 110% dead. This is not okay. Buttons don’t work when the power goes out. There is a timer on the Strobe room. When the timer runs out, the Stalker will emerge.



If the game fails to start (anything to do with jnlp), make sure you have the latest versions of Java installed.

Closing Thoughts

Ahhhh I wish I could find the fuller original version with the items. There were a few crystals to retrieve. One crystal was hidden in the deepest part of the maze, and another was hidden in the strobe room itself. And no doubt there were other improvements I can’t even remember. I have made so many fun Java games and projects in the past and not backed them up. RIP in peace teenage years. Learn from my mistakes: back stuff up!!

Also OOP takes forever, making everything from scratch is a mistake, my sourcefiles were complete spaghetti and looks like childish ‘Game Maker’ code, graphics are gake and fay, and brace your ears because the sounds I made for this are horrific.

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