Pseumo Bestiary

Here is an explanation of the monsters in Pseumo.

Each opponent has two layers of colour: the inner layer (species) and the outer layer (belt). These indicate their behaviours.


Belts show the skill level of opponents. These differences are slight and typically subtle and overshadowed by differences between species. There is an ordering from least-skilled to most-skilled:

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Black


This is where the biggest varieties in opponents come from.

Robots (Light-grey)

Poorly programmed, predictable enemies. They chase with a mechanical, unchanging rhythm. Introduced in v0.1.

Androids (Dark-grey)

Similar to robots, except someone actually bothered to teach them how to play Pseumo. Still very predictable and easy to push off. Introduced in v0.2.

Lemmings (Orange)

Will eagerly chase you, and then skid off the edge. Not very clever. At all. Introduced in v0.1.

Butterflies (Light pink)

They’re really not interested in playing this game. They will do their own thing (flapping around the centre) unless you annoy them. Introduced in v0.1.

Common Goblins (Light green)

Stupid goblins. They hate you and want to push you off ASAP. They’re not very tactical though, easily out-manouevered. Introduced in v0.1.

Hobgoblins (Dark green)

The Hobgoblin (Goblinus Hobo) is a vile thug much like the Common Goblin (Goblinus Goblinus) except it isn’t completely braindead a full 205% of the time. Introduced in v0.2.

Lag Mages (Purple)

The Lag Mage Coven form lame bookclubs dedicated to the study of delay-o-mancy. They fire purple laz0rs b33ms at you which slow down your recharge-rate. They’re not physically impressive themselves though. Introduced in v0.2.

Pseumo 0.2
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