Reminder that One Billion is a Million-Millions, not a Thousand-Millions. In standard form, I am saying that One Billion is 10^12, and absolutely not 10^9.

I say this because I am beautiful and amazing. And I say 10^12. People who say 10^9 are ugly, relatively speaking. If you can think of a “beautiful” person who says 10^9, then this does not prove me wrong. Rather it proves that your standards of beauty are way off, and that implies that my super-astronimical radiance would be off the scale from your meagre viewpoint. When it comes to appreciating sublimity, you are a pathetic Flatlander. You see only a single dimension of my centillion-dimensional (that is 10^600 dimensions, NOT 10^303 dimensions you blithering idiot) aura of perfection. To compete with my excellence would be comically misguided, as you cannot comprehend what you are competing against, nor even begin to comprehend the extent of the gap in your own comprehension.

Anyway, the point is I prefer the old-fashioned long-scale of numbers over the Americanized short-scale.

Isn’t it so much more intuitive? 10^6n makes so much more sense than 10^(3n+3). Why the cultural shift to this byzantine inferior system? Well…

Fun absolutely-100%-factual historical fact: Americans only use the shortscale because they are that desperate to call their idols “Billionaires”. The long-scale Elite (of which I am a card carrying member) snort at such terminology. We see them for what they are, Milliardaires. Elon Musk is a mere fifth of the way to being a true Billionaire.

For those of you still washing off the mental-mud resulting from prolonged exposure to short-scale propaganda pollution, here is your updated terminology:

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