Metastable Linerider

To me, the coolest trick in Linerider is “recycling”, reusing the same bits of track and possibly even repeating ultra-precise tricks such as manuals and “quirks”. The opening trick in this video by Ride Liner is a rather extreme example of this.

I had the idea a while ago to push recycling to it’s limits by creating simple Linerider tracks with mostly basic, easily repeatable elements (jumps, loops, rollbacks, etc.) and milking them for as many repetitions as possible. I find the end results slightly hypnotic and more entertaining than most other, typically linear, Linerider tracks: it becomes very difficult to predict where Bosch will go next.

My Tracks

Below are links to a few of the tracks I have made in this style, you can view them for yourself by opening them on the Linerider website.


Download. Approx Runtime: 7m 40s.

Made March 24th 2023, so after the rest. Being only 80 lines long, this is a champion of track recycling. The magic comes from a single ramp recycled by two different semi-stable paths, therefore sending Bosch up the same ramp over 60 times - I’m not even counting the journeys back down. Download this one!


Download. Approx Runtime: 2m 5s.

I was proud of this one, until I made Groundhog. A quick, varied recycling-heavy track. Bosch goes up and down one curved section countless times in countless ways. I also have an extended but incomplete version here.

Heavy Recycling

Download. Approx Runtime: 4m 45s.

This was my first (recent) attempt at a recycling-heavy track. Deliberately rough newbie-lines and n00b-pencil work, embracing the low-effort aesthetic. The jump-back-on-yourself idea on the left side of the track was reused and taken further in Loopjump.


Download. Approx Runtime: 2m 30s.

This one is like a cross between a recycling-heavy track and a conventional Linerider track. Made this one while taking suggestions from my youngest brother, who of course wanted lots of loops, jumps and fast bits, so it’s more exciting than most of my other tracks!


Download. Approx Runtime: 9m 20s.

This is the epitome of extreme and tedious track recycling. Most of the track is very dull and tame, it might put you to sleep. You are rewarded for your patience with recycled roll-back nose-manuals. When anything goes on for this long, something interesting is guaranteed to happen at some point.

Mini 1

Download. Approx Runtime: 1m 16s.

Short recycling track made shortly after Heavy Recycling. Nothing more to say tbh.

Mini 2

Download. Approx Runtime: 0m 40s.

Basically just a demo of the jump-back-on-yourself technique as seen in Loopjump and Heavy Recycling. Has a cool stall which I like a lot.

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