Prisoner's Dominion

Dominion is a very fun card game. Even playing solo, it’s very fun to see which strategies beat other strategies. Here’s a cool site (by someone else, not me) for testing strategies:

Sharing for my own benefit because finding these links again was a pain. I like Ventures and Banks as an easy combination:

  name: 'BM Venture Bank'
  requires: ['Venture','Bank']
  gainPriority: (state, my) -> [
    "Colony" if my.countInDeck("Platinum") > 0
    "Province" if state.countInSupply("Colony") <= 6
    "Duchy" if 0 < state.gainsToEndGame() <= 5
    "Estate" if 0 < state.gainsToEndGame() <= 2

It reminds me of a fun tournament I took part in based around the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma.

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